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Hydraulic Hammer Tool Analyses-What A Broken Tool Tells Us

Problem: Striking face of the tool may be mushrooming and bending

Likely Cause: Overheating of tool tip

Remedy: Reposition the hammer every 15 seconds

Problem: Brittle fracture with a lip Formation

Likely Cause: Breakage caused by excessive bending. This type of stress is caused by using the wrong working angle or use of the tool for mechanical leverage.

Remedy: Adopt correct working angle and don't move material with the tool.

Problem: Pitting and cracking of the tool bushings.

Likely Cause: Poor grease or lack of greasing causes seizures. Wrong working angle.

Remedy: Use recommended quality grease.

Problem: Seizing in the tool bushing-Fatigue fracture that starts from the tool surface.

Likely Cause: Strong side load and striking at the same time causes tool-bushing surface to be damaged. Caused by wrong working angle and/or wrong or insufficient lubrication.

Remedy: Adopt correct working angle.

Problem: Breaking of the tool at groove area or heavy wear on tool retainer pin.

Likely cause: Idle strokes/blank firing.

Remedy: Ensure operator fires only when proper placement on material.

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